Some notes from our getaway

We got back from our holiday just last night, and we’re pretty thrilled about all the amazing sights we saw in two national parks. To paraphrase Cez, how could you not want to protect the environment when you look at the beauty of nature?

We rented a Prius for the trip, and it blew me away with its looks, its roomy interior, and its fuel efficiency, as corny as that sounds. Fuel consumption was excellent, and after a day of driving, we only had to put in $15 worth of fuel. At the end of the trip, we only made three brief trips to the gas station, and the last one was just for rental car return purposes. I’m now officially in love with the car, and I only wish it’s available in the Philippines. Highly unlikely, and even if it were, it would most probably be classified as a luxury vehicle. Pfeh.

On our last night, we had dinner at a Filipino restaurant called Nanay Gloria’s (5980 W Spring Mountain Rd # 2 Las Vegas, NV 89146, (702) 252-3255 for anyone who wants to try it out). They have a small sign on their door proudly proclaiming that they recycle their used cooking oil. I didn’t get to see clearly which company receives their cooking oil (it may be called Baker Technologies, but I could be wrong), but I certainly hope it serves as a cleaner fuel alternative.

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