Joob Activewear

Check out Joob Activewear, a new eco-friendly activewear brand

Joob Activewear is a very young brand, launched only in mid-July this year, but it’s already very serious about its sustainability-related partnerships and initiatives. Joob’s headquarters is solar powered, and many of the company’s products are made from sustainable fabrics such as merino, umorfil, lyocell, and recycled polyester, and they promise to look for better alternatives for those products that aren’t yet made with more environmentally friendly fabric.

The company also supports the work of the Huron River Watershed Council, investing 1% of its revenues to go toward local environmental initiatives. Joob is also enlisting the help of South Pole to determine their end-to-end supply chain’s carbon footprint and figure out how to offset their carbon emissions.

For now, the company is carrying mainly men’s activewear, but will soon expand to include a line for women.

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