Footprint's eco-friendly six-pack holder

Footprint comes up with an eco-friendly six-pack ring

We’ve all seen how terribly plastic pollution is affecting the world’s oceans. For example, plastic six-pack rings have been found around the necks of turtles, which is why we’ve all been told to snap off the rings so no animal would ever get caught in them. But there has to be other, better ways of doing things, and US company Footprint has come up with a fiber-based six-pack ring that is made of recycled materials.

The Denver, Colorado, company’s new product promises to be as sturdy as plastic rings, having been subjected to extensive testing, and is recyclable and compostable. In an interview with Recycling Today, Jeff Bassett, vice president of marketing at Footprint, says,

“Our goal is always to find the best ways to eliminate the need for plastic in common-use products. With the introduction of Footprint’s six-pack ring, we are changing the game for beverage packaging and distribution by delivering a plastic-free solution that is applied in high volume and performs.”

This is not the first attempt at making eco-friendly six-pack rings. E6PR claims to be the first in this field, and Corona announced in late 2018 that it will be piloting plastic-free six-pack rings of its own. We say the more companies try to find ways to make going plastic-free easier for all of us, the better.

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