Earth Rated PoopBags

Banning plastic bags has been a great way to reduce plastic waste and get people to start looking at other non-plastic options every time they shop. But plastic bags are pretty important to dog owners who need to pick up after their pups. This is an issue that Canadian company Earth Rated considered in light of the plastic bag ban in Toronto.

Earth Rated PoopBagsEarth Rated’s bags are cute, convenient, and undoubtedly eco-friendly. Earth Rated currently offers four products, namely, its standard biodegradable poop bags, a version that has handles, bags that come in a pretty stylish dispenser, and compostable bags. The first three break down into carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months and the compostable bags degrade in at last 40 days and are made from 100% corn-based renewable resources.

The bags are also lavender-scented and come in big sizes so you can easily clean up the mess made by your bigger dog.

Earth Rated PoopBags are now available in 1,500 stores in North America, and the company is looking to expand to Europe very soon. Read more about the company here and like them on Facebook.

Terra Dog Bakery opens on April 14

Terra Dog BakeryNew bakeries always have people buzzing, so this new one that’s opening in Norcross, Georgia on Saturday will be sure to have a lot of fans. Terra Dog Bakery offers something much more interesting than cupcakes. Owned by brothers Tim and Andrew Suggs, Terra Dog Bakery offers organic treats, such as jerky, cookies, biscuits, and even cakes, for various dog breeds. They know that different dog breeds have different nutritional requirements, so they made sure to cater to as many breeds as possible. The available treats are free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn, and preservatives.

The bakery’s grand opening will feature dog contests, pet photography sessions, and goodies for the first 25 dogs. The event will take place from noon to 4 p.m.

Terra Dog Bakery is located at 51 S. Peachtree Street Norcross, GA 30071. Check out their Facebook page for updates and more pictures of their yummy goodies.

Good, wholesome products for your pups

The Welcome MuttIf you’re trying to make a switch to organic products, there’s no reason why you should leave your dog out of your efforts. The Welcome Mutt gives you a chance to shop for healthful, eco-friendly products for your dog. Organic treats are available here, as well as biodegradable poop bags, organic toys and shampoos, and hemp collars and harnesses. The store carries products from brands like Wagging Green and The Good Dog Company.

The Welcome Mutt also makes sure to help look after rescue dogs with its Rescue Rewards program, which allows people to link their order to a dog rescue organization of their choice. After you’ve placed 20 orders, The Welcome Mutt sends the organization a free Welcome Kit, which includes a collar, leash, poop bags and food/water bowls, helping to keep that organization well stocked with those necessities.

Eco-friendly dog carriers

You buy nothing but the safest food for your dog, clean him or her with organic shampoo, and maybe even use biodegradable poop bags, so why not carry your furry friend in an eco-friendly bag as well? Here are some great ones we found. They’re not just eco-friendly, but they look pretty good, too.

The Snoozer Eco-Friendly Pet Carrier is a lovely choice, made from recycled burlap. It’s green, roomy, and well ventilated, plus, you can also bring this bag on the plane if you’re traveling with your dog.

The Louis Dog Organic Canvas Bag by Posh Puppy Boutique is a pretty choice. It’s made from 100% canvas and the cushion is covered with organic cotton.

Two sizes are available for this dog carrier, which is made of hemp. The small size is great for teacup dogs and puppies, while the large one can accommodate small dogs under 15-20 pounds.

Now this carrier can set you and your dog apart from the rest. This bag by Paw Planet is made from all-natural corn leaf, cotton, linen and coconut fibers.

Anything Pawsible

April 25 is National Pet Parents Day! Are you looking for eco-friendly pet products and organic treats for your furry “children”? If you’re in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area, Anything Pawsible will be at the Lexington Avenue Festival between 60th and 66th st. on 01 May, 22nd Annual Broadway Spring Festival between 86th and 96th street on 02 May, and the Ninth Avenue International Food Fair on May 15 and 16. Percentage of the sales will go to Broadway Barks and the Mayor’s Alliance for Sheltered Pets in New York City.

A cabin for your cat

Check out this adorable cardboard cabin for cats! Loyal Luxe is the company responsible for this nifty little house that has both your cat and the environment in mind. It’s made out of 100% recycled cardboard and is shipped flat, so this needs a bit of assembling. If your cat likes to gnaw and claw a lot, the cabin is strong enough to take whatever your kitty can throw at it. Just don’t use it outdoors or put water bowls in it; it can get damaged from that. But otherwise, this looks like a nice, functional home.