Good, wholesome products for your pups

The Welcome MuttIf you’re trying to make a switch to organic products, there’s no reason why you should leave your dog out of your efforts. The Welcome Mutt gives you a chance to shop for healthful, eco-friendly products for your dog. Organic treats are available here, as well as biodegradable poop bags, organic toys and shampoos, and hemp collars and harnesses. The store carries products from brands like Wagging Green and The Good Dog Company.

The Welcome Mutt also makes sure to help look after rescue dogs with its Rescue Rewards program, which allows people to link their order to a dog rescue organization of their choice. After you’ve placed 20 orders, The Welcome Mutt sends the organization a free Welcome Kit, which includes a collar, leash, poop bags and food/water bowls, helping to keep that organization well stocked with those necessities.

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