Summersalt is going to be your new favorite swimwear brand

No matter what size you are, swimwear shopping is always going to be a bit difficult, and it’s even harder if you’re looking for eco-friendly swimwear. But that could change with Summersalt, an emerging swimwear that was created with the aim to provide a wide range of amazing swimwear for women of different sizes. Their swimwear size ranges from size 2 to 24, so there’s bound to be something for everybody, and they were able to make sure their products look great on everyone by taking 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women.

Check out an interview with co-founder Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin on to learn more.

They do everything possible to keep their prices low. In an interview with Forbes, Chamberlin said,

“We did our best to deliver our suits under $100. Every detail of our swimwear is similar to the $300 designer swimsuits and we can offer this type of quality because of (founder and CEO) Lori’s ten years of R&D experience”.

The company wants to be as inclusive as possible, featuring diverse models in its ads, and it also makes an effort to be eco-friendly; they use recycled materials to manufacture their swimsuits and their packaging.

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