Earth Rated PoopBags

Banning plastic bags has been a great way to reduce plastic waste and get people to start looking at other non-plastic options every time they shop. But plastic bags are pretty important to dog owners who need to pick up after their pups. This is an issue that Canadian company Earth Rated considered in light of the plastic bag ban in Toronto.

Earth Rated PoopBagsEarth Rated’s bags are cute, convenient, and undoubtedly eco-friendly. Earth Rated currently offers four products, namely, its standard biodegradable poop bags, a version that has handles, bags that come in a pretty stylish dispenser, and compostable bags. The first three break down into carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months and the compostable bags degrade in at last 40 days and are made from 100% corn-based renewable resources.

The bags are also lavender-scented and come in big sizes so you can easily clean up the mess made by your bigger dog.

Earth Rated PoopBags are now available in 1,500 stores in North America, and the company is looking to expand to Europe very soon. Read more about the company here and like them on Facebook.

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