Do you think you could pass an eco-driving test?

And we thought driving tests were nerve-wracking enough as they already were. The UK’s Driving Standards Agency will soon be evaluating drivers on how green their driving is. But no need to worry; drivers won’t be getting any points for it. The evaluators will simply let drivers know how their green driving is and also offer pointers on becoming a more eco-friendly driver.

Among other orders, drivers will be told they must not move down through the gears when preparing to stop, and that they should memorise the mantra “gears are for going – brakes are for slowing”.

Smoother acceleration, keener appreciation of gaps in traffic at roundabouts and avoiding sudden braking are also advised.

It would probably be a nice idea as well if workshops were held to help drivers figure out how their driving can be more fuel-efficient, just to make sure UK drivers are keeping up with what they learned during their test.

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