Haworth makes green, builds green too

Here’s a company that walks the walk. Haworth, a company which makes flexible workspaces, has started making its operations and its products more environmentally friendly a few years ago, committing to reducing their emissions and making sure they use eco-friendly materials that are not wasteful. Earlier this month, they unveiled their showroom in the Pershing Square Building at 125 Park Avenue, New York City. And it’s not just their products that are eco-friendly–the showroom itself is.

The space was constructed of materials that are almost all sustainable, meaning that they are not at risk of depletion. The goal, said Franco Bianchi, the president and chief executive of Haworth, was to sell the idea of conservation along with the products.

The showroom was given a gold LEED rating. We just love hearing about companies who try doing everything in a sustainable way. Read more about it here.

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