I became aware of Ecoagents last week when I ordered food to go from Dallas BBQ. Dallas BBQ is an “Eco to Go” restaurant, which means that it is taking part in Ecoagents’ program aiming to get people to reduce packaging waste from takeout food, in turn saving the forests and the environment as well. Simply put,

ECO TO GO™ is a campaign in which customers may inform their favorite restaurants to say no to the future landfills that come with takeout. So all you have to do is say “ECO TO GO” and food arrives with nothing but the food in its containers, no napkins or forks or other waste.

The campaign also encourages restaurants to display their support for Eco to Go, although the Dallas BBQ branch I visited didn’t display their sticker prominently, which is probably why I almost missed it.

Even if the restaurant you’re eating in isn’t part of the Eco to Go program, you can always make your takeouts greener by refusing the napkins, salt, pepper, and ketchup packets, and the plastic forks and knives!

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