Rent green cars with eQocar

EQO car rental company is proud of being committed to the environment, and is making sure everybody knows about this by launching eQocar, their luxury hybrid car rental agency.

Rental vehicles available from eQocar include: Toyota Prius; Toyota Camry Hybrid; Lexus GS 450H; Lexus LS 600h L; GMC Yukon SUV; Tahoe SUV; Nissan Altima Hybrid; Chevrolet Impala Hybrid; (Coming soon) Chevrolet Volt; Chrysler Aspen Hybrid ; Cadillac Escalade Hybrid; Porsche Cayenne Hybrid; Porsche Panamera Hybrid and the new concept Smart Hybrid; and the Aptera, Fisker Automotive and Tesla concept cars. eQocar offers the world’s only complete range of rentals for environmentally-conscious drivers committed to minimizing their carbon footprints.

The service appears to target more affluent drivers, making us wonder why they can’t drive non-luxury hybrids like everyone else.

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