We all know how e-waste just piles up all over the world, and it’s getting even worse nowadays, what with model after model of mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, and cameras coming out every quarter. Something clearly has to be done, and if people don’t want to curb their urge for new gadgetry, another option is necessary.

Enter TechForward. If you’re planning to upgrade your gadget, you can at least dispose of it responsibly, and that is what TechForward helps you do. You can send them your laptops and iPods, which they will buy from you at a rate that is appropriate for the condition of your item. They will then sell it to another person who will be able to make better use of your things, or if they can’t be sold, they will then recycle your item.

Definitely a better idea than just throwing your gadgets away or just stashing them in your closet.

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