redleaf Water, Canada’s Ultra-Premium bottled water

image006You might be thinking, “oh no! Not another brand of bottled water!” Or even “aren’t landfills full of plastic bottles as it is?” I know I did.

Sure, there are plenty of recyclable water bottles around. But have you ever heard of a water bottle that is both recyclable AND biodegradable?

Enter redleaf Water, Canada’s Ultra-Premium bottled water.

RedLeaf bottle

What makes redleaf Water’s bottle different?

redleaf’s BIO BOTTLES produced by Arizona-based environmental solution provider ENSO Plastics, will biodegrade naturally in aerobic and anaerobic (landfill) conditions and are #1 PET, allowing the bottles to be recycled without requiring any special handling.

Today nearly all water bottles are #1 PET, meaning they can be recycled. Some competitors have recently introduced plant-based plastic bottles. Plant-based plastic bottles can be recycled, but do not biodegrade and do nothing to reduce the quantity of bottles that end up in landfills or the environment. The BIO BOTTLE represents a significant step forward as they can biodegrade naturally or be recycled.”

So kudos, redleaf Water. Keep taking those baby steps towards a sustainable water bottle.

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