I admire people and companies who make it easy for everyone else to engage in a sustainable lifestyle. One such company is O’BON, a supplier of environmentally-friendly school supplies based in South San Francisco, CA.

O’BON uses recycled materials in producing their school supplies – newspapers for O’BON pencils, art pencils and color pencils; sugarcane paper for their journals; and recycled cardboard for their binders.


As if that’s not enough, the product designs are just gorgeous.

O’BON offers four design series. O’BONanza Series features yummy fruit designs including apple, cherry, kiwi, orange and strawberry. Their Sugarcane Series combines their Sugarcane Paper logo plus the word “Sugarcane” right smack in the middle of the cover. The Wildlife Series showcases wildlife designs including alligator, bear, elephant, giraffe, leopard, parrot, sea turtle, snake, tiger and zebra. Lastly, the Birds Series highlight vibrant exotic bird feathers.

Personally, the O’BONanza and Birds series are my favorites since I love colorful designs.


By creating their own niche and staying true to their philosophy – “to make products such as pencils and journals fun and beautiful in design, excellent in quality, educational in use and inexpensive in price”, O’BON is definitely offering “something different”.

I’ll post product reviews sometime soon. Care to know more? Check them out at MyOBON.com or visit O’BON’s online store.

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