At the risk of getting into an argument

Someone left a comment on this blog–which I haven’t yet published, owing to the fact that it’s clearly a tactic to promote the commenter’s religious website–saying that global warming is a scam. Given all the evidence pointing to global warming, one would hardly call it a scam, but let’s play along and pretend that it is. So what’s so wrong with wanting to take care of the environment? Even if we’re not on high alert or anything, surely wanting to reduce waste, conserve the planet’s resources, and protecting wildlife is a good thing. Definitely something God would approve of, wouldn’t you say, person-who-left-a-comment? Certainly much better than damning people for their ideas. And, to maintain the religious tone, God would certainly thank people for taking care of the world He/She gave us, right?

I really don’t see why people think caring for the environment is a political AND a religious issue. It just gets really frustrating sometimes.

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