Recess time

from Environment New York:

With our economy in pretty dire straits, one of the few bright spots is the clean energy industry.

Emerging clean energy industries, such as wind and solar power, are not only taking steps to solve global warming and America’s energy problems. They’re creating good jobs that help the economy. Promoting these industries is a no-brainer.

So why is Congress about to leave town without renewing the most critical program for these industries?

Right now, as you read this e-mail, Congress is debating whether to renew a series of critical tax incentives for the renewable energy industry. These tax incentives, including the solar investment tax credit and the wind energy production tax credit, allow utilities, businesses and homeowners to take a benefit on their taxes when they invest in solar or wind power.

The Senate just voted to renew the incentives. Now it’s time for the House to do the same.

If they get away without renewing the program, there’s a shockingly good chance that these incentives will expire at the end of the year.

Given the challenges we’re facing — a sagging economy, our dependence on oil, and wildly fluctuating energy costs — we need to do everything we can to cut our reliance on fossil fuels.

These important tax incentives were first put in place years ago and have already been effective at jump-starting wind and solar power in the United States.

The problem is that they’ll expire at the end of this year. If they do, it would amount to a crippling tax increase on the fast-growing clean energy industry, costing us at least 116,000 clean energy jobs and $19 billion in investment and setting back our progress to a new energy future.

Congress needs to act now — before they go on recess — to avoid a disastrous blunder for the wind and solar industries.

Don’t let them get away without renewing clean energy incentives. Click here.

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