Splitfish has released the FRAGFX Shark controller for the Playstation 3, which is said to be a pretty eco-friendly gaming tool, and is also compatible with both PC and Mac systems. What makes it green? Its power conserving technology; you only use 1 AA battery per unit and that alone can give you 50 hours of gaming time and 500 hours on standby.

Lenovo Thinkpad L series: Green and sturdy

If you’re looking for a laptop that is tough like anything and kind to the planet, the soon-to-be-released  Lenovo Thinkpad L series could just be your thing. Apparently, both the L412 and L512 meet military specifications for temperature, altitude, dust, vibration, and more. But what makes them really special is their consideration for the environment. The L series features an LCD cover, palm rests, and top/bottom case made with up to 30% post-consumer recycled content sourced from office water jugs and used IT equipment; the L512 is made with 18% post-consumer content. The packaging is nearly 100% recycled and recyclable, and the laptops themselves are Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certified.

AT&T offers the ZERO Charger

A lot of people tend to forget that leaving their chargers plugged in even without their phones still uses up a bit of power. AT&T; is offering a balm for this forgetfulness with the ZERO Charger, which will be released soon. The ZERO Charger is said to “outperform” other chargers by shutting down automatically when it’s not in use, so you’ll “never have to unplug your charger again!”

It means well, but why would you ever leave your charger plugged in in the first place? Of course, I’m speaking as someone who obsessively unplugs everything after use.

Boy, I hate Sony Ericsson

But you all know it’s the kind of “I hate you” that’s said with a little giggle and a playful slap on the arm. So what did Sony Ericsson do this time? Oh, they just came up with a splendid new GreenHeart phone called Aspen. MobileBurn reports that the new model boast the following features:

The 117mm x 60mm x 12.45mm (4.6in x 2.3in x 0.49in) Aspen is available in two colors: iconic black and white silver. It sports a 2.4-inch touch screen 320 x 240 resolution display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, aGPS, and WiFi connectivity. The Aspen also comes equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

In short, the qualities I look for in a phone. Aargh. It’s a lovely piece of work and it’s a good thing that green phones are really getting in shape, looks- and features-wise. Now mobile phone manufacturers have no excuse for making crappy-looking phones with shoddy features.

Introducing the EcoGreen F3EG

Cez has recently been in need of a portable hard drive for her photography business, so this might be something that she’ll find interesting. Samsung has unveiled the EcoGreen F3EG, an upgrade from last year’s EcoGreen F2EG. So what’s so green about this 2TB beauty? For one thing, it doesn’t use any brominated flame retardants or halogen compounds and for another, it consumes 40 percent less power in idle mode and 10 percent less in read/write mode. The HDD will be for sale soon with a price tag of $179.99.

“‘World’s Most Eco Friendly External Drive’ released”‘s blog posted the news “‘World’s Most Eco Friendly External Drive’ released“. The name? [re]drive by SimpleTech. Hopping over to SimpleTech’s website, it turns out that this external hard drive’s capacity is 500GB. Not bad.

Other features include, among others:

* Energy-efficient external hard drive uses less power
* Eco-friendly ingredients and packaging (believe it or not, it’s made with renewable, naturally grown bamboo and recyclable aluminum!)
* Automatically powers on or off with your computer
* Simple plug n play add-on storage


It’s worth a look. I’ll definitely hunt this thing down after I contemplate whether or not I need an external drive.

Photo from SimpleTech website.