Yesterday was National Work From Home Day

In the UK, that is. While telecommuting is making great strides already, there are still plenty of companies out there who sneer at it and think it’s just a creative way of skiving off.

Ah, if they only knew how much happier it would make employees if they are allowed to work at home. A lot of people prefer it to making the trip to the office everyday and having to deal with annoying things that pop up in the office. It’s also been said that people who work at home tend to be more productive than in the office, although admittedly, they have to contend with distractions like TV and the urge to goof off and enjoy the glorious glorious day outdoors. But another fun benefit of working at home is how it helps reduce energy use and emissions.

I’ve been working at home for over a year now, a decision I consciously made because I really got sick of the office and spending 30 minutes to two hours on the way to work just didn’t seem right anymore. I’m not sure if I’ve reduced my footprint by a whole lot, but my work setup currently saves me a lot of money AND fuel, plus I don’t have the air conditioner running all day long either. Yay!

  • The photo above is of my nice little work area. I work sitting on the bed, probably not the most ergonomically correct seating option, but that means I have nothing to lean back against and keep myself awake. And I can’t just lie back and fall asleep because of all the junk littering the bed either, hehe.
  • And apparently, yesterday was Clean Commute Day in Roanoke, Virginia, too. Is there something about May 18 that makes all these things happen?
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