One of life’s pleasures according to some people I know is being able to buy a great gift and wrap it perfectly and neatly in colorful wrapping paper and bows. I personally wouldn’t know, though, because I suck at wrapping gifts. So what I usually do is just buy cute paper bags and stick gifts in them; two years ago, I bought actual little totes for my sisters’ and nieces’ Christmas presents.

Wrapsacks takes the idea of reusable gift bags to a whole new level, though. They offer cloth gift bags made out of 100% cotton as well as reusable greeting cards–all you need to do with the latter is change the paper inside. You can also register the gift bags with their Track-A-Sack system so you’ll be able to see where your bags are going after you give them away and what gifts they’ve contained.

Love the concept, and I love how you’re also encouraging everyone else to reuse with a Wrapsack. It would be nice if they included in their website the details about where they get their fabric and how eco-friendly their operations are.

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