World Wildlife Fund

from Focus, the World Wildlife Fund newsletter May/June 2007 issue:

We’ve all heard that the US is the world’s single largest contributor to global warming, with average annual emissions of 19.6 tons per person. This is nearly five times the world average of 3.9 tons per person. Reduce your Carbon Footprint by recycling, driving less, using compact fluourescent light bulbs. Use green energy. Visit the Department of Energy’s website to see if green power is available in your community. Join WWF’s Conservation Action Network.

WWF also launched its Weddings and Registry website where couples can set up a green webpage and registry. Instead of traditional wedding gifts, guests have the option of donating to WWF or the couple can make a donation to WWF in honor of their guests. The site offers tips for planning a green wedding such as ecofriendly reception venues,food caterers and flower arrangements.

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