Working from home = a greener way to work

We’re all familiar with the concept of telecommuting, which is simply called working from home by most of us. Benefits have been touted for this working method (check here), but did you realize that working from home is also good for the environment? I’ve done my fair share of working from home, but I never looked at it that way. Not until I stumbled upon TreeHugger‘s article “How to Green Your Work”, specifically #6:

6. Work from home
Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools make effective telecommuting a reality. If you can telecommute, hold phone conferences, take online classes, or otherwise work from home, give it a try. It’ll save you the time you would have spent on the trip as well as sparing the air. As a bonus, you get to work in your pajamas. Telecommuting works for 44 million Americans (not to mention the TreeHugger staff). Also, consider the possibility of working four ten-hour days instead of five eight-hour days (a consolidated workweek), cutting the energy and time spent on commuting by 20% and giving you some lovely three-day weekends.

from the TreeHugger website

Now that’s one more reason to give your boss when you feel like working from home, or if you think working at home should be implemented in your workplace!

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