Wildlife-friendly lights

People are increasingly learning how all this development and our structures are affecting animals. About time, too (although some people use this love for animals as a way to protest against wind turbines that may kill birds). Even light can have a negative effect on wildlife, I’m surprised to know, so it’s a good thing plenty of companies are already ensuring that the lights they are using or manufacturing are wildlife-friendly.

Lights can cause confusion in animals, such as in newly hatched turtles who normally head towards the brightest place, which used to be the moonlit sea. Lights on the land are overpowering this, though, and the poor dears now start heading towards well-lit buildings and thus their eventual demise.

If you live near the beach or sea–or anywhere, really–you should seriously consider replacing your lights with wildlife-friendly ones. Turtle Safe Lighting is one such company making lights safer for turtles, and Starry Night Lights looks after all animals.

  • Photo of light bulb by sufinawaz on stock.xchng
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