WaterWeek, a Reduce product from Base Brands

I confess, I’m frequently on the lookout for great-looking water bottles. I love drinking water, especially now that the temperature’s been so hot. What’s more, when I go out to buy groceries and see people buying 6-, 12- or 24-pack bottled water, I cringe and get horrified at all the waste, aiming all the more NOT to buy bottled water.

Anyway, here’s another brand of water bottles that caught my eye lately – WaterWeek, a Reduce product from Base Brands. It costs $19.95. You can buy it here, which describes the bottles this way:

“Set of five reusable, BPA-free bottles fit in a specially-designed tray that slides neatly into your fridge. Dishwasher safe, eco-friendly water bottles are ideal for a variety of indoor/outdoor activities.”

Sure it costs $19.95. And a 12-pack of bottled water costs $4-$6. But remember, you’d still have to factor in the recycling required for those disposable plastic.

What makes WaterWeek an even better option? It’s dishwasher-safe. Even if you’ll be using 5 bottles every week, at least you can just load it in your dishwasher. I do wish they’d offer other designs in the same way SIGG does.

(Photo from the Reduce website.)

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