Waste collection failure

The Philippines has plenty of great, detailed laws in place. The problem is enforcing and following them. One of the biggest problems we have is the waste collection service provided by the government. A letter from the EcoWaste Coalition’s coordinator Rei A. Panaligan opened up the flaws in local government’s waste collection.

Some communities in Metro Manila are segregating their waste but the trucks continue to collect and dump everything together in sites like those in Payatas and Rodriguez, which should have already been closed since 2006. Segregating waste at source and composting biodegradable waste will lessen emission of methane gas and help mitigate global warming.

Right now, all of Metro Manila’s waste is being taken to certain dumpsites for disposal, but other methods of managing the waste aren’t being practiced, recycling and composting least of all. I wonder when the government will realize the importance of taking real, concrete action and quit paying lip service to the environment.

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