I came across this blog post from The Green Guide. It references these two articles from the New York Times and Time Out New York. Very interesting reads. The TONY article humorously assesses Manhattanites’ ecological impact and assigns shades of lifestyle greenness from not green at all to puke green. The other article presents criticism of green consumerism, particularly the “light greens”. I am probably light green (LG) myself and find nothing wrong with it. LG is about being mindful of wastefulness and educating myself about healthier and eco-friendlier products. It is not about being trendy. I think most people would fall into the light green spectrum. I don’t think they believe that the solutions to global warming are as simple as buying organic products or hybrid cars . But there is nothing wrong with doing your part individually to conserve natural resources, care for wildlife and to consume less. It is just a necessary first step.

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