Vegetable oil-powered car being developed in the Philippines

In more Philippine-related news, a man named Ricky Nuñez has put the finishing touches on his pick-up truck that was modified to run on vegetable oil.

With the help of his auto mechanic friends in Lipa, Batangas, Nuñez installed an engine converter kit from United States to his car. This enables his truck’s engine to use the vegetable oil as fuel.

Nuñez said a liter of used cooking oil can power his car from six to eight kilometers.

Compared to the price of diesel that cost almost P50 a liter, Nuñez buys used cooking oil for P18.50 per liter, and sometimes for free.

Hopefully, more people can take these developments seriously and not just see them as some curious novelty. It’s really inspiring to see our fellow Filipinos looking for a better way to handle rising fuel prices and curb pollution.

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