U.S. embassy in Manila cuts paper use in visa application process

Applying for visas to other countries takes a lot of paperwork. You have to present a certificate from your bank saying that you have enough money to travel, a certificate of employment, income tax documents, plus the application form as well. The U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines is trying to cut down on paper use and making the application process faster by allowing people to submit their applications online.

Filipinos who want to travel to the United States and get non-immigrant visas (NIV) will be asked to submit their visa applications via an electronic, online form known as the DS-160, the US embassy here said in a news release.

“The new on-line application form replaces three paper forms, so it should be easier and faster for clients to complete their applications,” it said.

There are more people applying for U.S. visas, so it’s probably not likely that other embassies would follow suit. But it would be a great idea nonetheless, so people would only have to come in for any interviews.

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