Trees For Life kicks off

Trees For Life, one of the Green Army and DENR‘s pet projects, formally launched today at the La Mesa Watershed. Top notch. I know I’m critical of an environmental drive solely involving tree-planting projects, but yeah, you gotta applaud every effort.

Planting for Trees for Life will go on for six months with the participation of numerous non-government organizations, civic groups, government agencies, indigenous peoples, students, youth organizations, and groups aligned with the Green Army Foundation, the DENR’s social mobilization partner. Aside from those who actually planted seedlings, participants included those who will provide donations and contributions, such as transport services, water, and garden tools, along with community partners who will be tasked with nurturing the trees to maturity.

Speaking of La Mesa Watershed, the president declared it a national park today as well. Woohoo! Now I can say I’ve been to two national parks in the country (the other one being Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park).

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