Tree For Life

So the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has launched the Tree For Life project, which aims to plant 20 million trees all over the Philippines. Call me a naysayer, but I really hate how many people in this country think that planting trees is the only way to save the planet. People, people, no matter how many trees you plant, it won’t do any good if you keep living in a wasteful and irresponsible manner. Do any of you recycle? How many of you don’t randomly throw trash just anywhere? Do you make sure that you use eco-friendly products at home and at work? How’s your paper use? Do you own four gas-guzzling vehicles? All the trees in the world won’t save us if we insist on living lavish lifestyles.

And oh yeah, make sure your seedlings will really stay where they are. With all the road widening projects going on, and island-shrinking in some places, it’s quite likely that not all of your trees will see the light of day.

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