Travel green with Evergreen Ever-Lite

Haven’t you ever just wanted to take off in an RV and go on a road trip all over the country? I have. Well, the RV part isn’t really necessary, but it’s a fun idea nevertheless. One shudders to think of the costs it will entail though, fuel included, and a vehicle that size must surely eat through the fuel. It can’t exactly be the greenest way to travel, can it?

Evergreen Recreational Vehicles thinks RVs CAN be green. The company has been devoted to giving the RV industry a brand-new face with the way it does business, and even has a Green Team dedicated to finding leaner, cleaner ways to handle operations and manufacturing. It focuses on creating innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly travel trailers, the latest of which is the Ever-Lite, dubbed “The World’s First Eco-Friendly Composite Travel Trailer.” The Ever-Lite is wood-free, with most of its materials being recyclable, and because it’s lightweight, that makes it easier to be towed by your vehicle, reportedly resulting in a more fuel-efficient performance due to lesser wind resistance.

This is an encouraging move by an RV company and we certainly hope even more RV manufacturers go down the same route, too.

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