Thyme in the Country

We just love B&Bs here at Green Unlimited, so every now and then, we’ll be posting about some eco-friendly B&Bs around the U.S. and around the world as well. If you know of a great B&B you think we should know about or you own an eco-friendly B&B, we would love it if you could write to us!

Thyme in the Country I can’t express how much I love B&Bs. They’re often more like cozy, pretty, well-tended homes that are usually a far cry from what your home is like, and when you’re staying in one, you may start wondering why you can’t get your own home to look as nice. Or maybe that’s just me. But you can’t deny that many B&Bs are especially charming and the ones that are in a different location stand out and promise you a relaxing stay.

Take Thyme in the Country in the city of Hudson in Columbia County, New York as an example. Thyme in the Country is actually an 1880s farmhouse and boasts five pastoral acres. The farm is actually a working farm, and the vegetables and fruits that are part of the B&B’s organic breakfasts all come from its one-acre organic garden. They also make sure that pesticides and chemical fertilizers play no part in their farming.

It’s not only the food that makes Thyme in the Country an eco-friendly B&B. They collect rainwater which will be used for their gardens, and 66% of their electricity comes from solar panels. They also compost any food scraps. In addition, recycling plays a major part in the B&B’s operations, with recycled items–from toilet paper and tissues to fixtures and countertops–being used as much as possible. The rooms feature organic mattresses and natural fibers.

These features and the location make Thyme in the Country seem like a great place for a quick weekend getaway, where you can just relax and enjoy your surroundings. You might even want to do more than just eat and sleep here, and actually hang around and be there, without treating it as a stopover or a mere place to sleep.

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