If you’ve ever bought a book or a DVD, read or watched it once, and decided you didn’t really like it all that much, you’ve probably regretted plunking down the cash in the first place, especially if you find out that your friend, brother, sister, or coworker owns the same thing and could have lent it to you anyway. Imagine how much money you could have saved, and how you could help save the planet by borrowing instead of buying.

That’s basically the idea behind thingloop, a social tool that lets you connect with friends and family and build a list of things you want to share with them–you even get to see the stuff that they’re willing to share, too, so you’re all working together to get what you need, save money, and prevent wasted items from accumulating. If you’ve been burned too many times by people borrowing your things and never returning them, thingloop helps you keep track of your item.

Make sure to watch the video below to get learn more about thingloop and how it works.

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