The SunTable

I have a real thing for solar-powered stuff, and with all the sunshine we get here, it would be really great to take advantage of that–if more solar-powered products were available! I’d just have to content myself with looking at such things online for now.

Here’s a great find: the SunTable. Created by Devang A. Shah and Michael Low, you can basically stow the SunTable outdoors and use it like you would a desk. It not only provides power to items like laptops and mobile phones, but it is also 90% recyclable. The SunTable website has all the information and answers to your questions if you want to know more.

I would totally get this one if it were available here and the $3,600 price tag isn’t $3,600 šŸ˜€ This looks like a work-at-home person’s dream table; just haul it outdoors and not only could you get work done, you’re also getting out of the house! Don’t think about taking it to the park though; this isn’t a foldable table, plus it weighs 45 lbs. Perhaps Sudia Design Labs should come up with a smaller table in the future!

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