The Sun Jar

I got a Sun Jar as an early birthday gift earlier this month, which thrilled me no end because I’ve been coveting it since I saw it online. While it works perfectly–nice warm light for a few hours, gets its power from sunlight–the jar I got has proven to be of weak construction. The little black thing in which the battery is encased is attached to the solar panel using glue and the glue has already come off 🙁 Worse, the end of the black case that is supposed to be attached to the positive end of the battery has already come off, rendering the jar useless (it’s something like the black container shown in this picture, the one with the yellow battery). Oh, it still works, but the battery’s container needs serious fixing. I don’t blame the Sun Jar at all; it’s a gorgeous invention and gives off a lovely light. I just wish that particular component was made of better material.

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