The Lovat: A green Loch Ness hotel

One of my more ambitious travel plans in life is to go to the United Kingdom, ambitious mainly because doing so would sap me of all the financial resources I have and ones that I don’t even have yet. Still, it can’t hurt to dream and work for that dream. In the meantime, I keep my eye on things to do and see in the U.K., and where to eat and stay, too.

I just found out about The Lovat by the famous Loch Ness, and apart from giving people a great view of the loch and the nearby village, it also has its eco-friendliness going for it! The hotel makes use of eco-friendly cleaning products as well as fabrics, and energy efficiency efforts and recycling are regularly done. A locally made and designed eco-bag, recycled notepaper, and 100% recycled facial and toilet tissues are available in every room, too. The hotel’s structure itself makes sure to stay in harmony with the area’s natural ecosystem. Here’s another interesting feature of the hotel:

The urinals have no flushing water & each have an eco-cube that contain millions of naturally occurring friendly microbes that eliminate any odour-producing bacteria.

The Lovat also encourages guests to participate in monitoring the amount of carbon emissions they produce as they travel to the hotel.

Now some people would say that to be truly green, don’t travel too far at all, but really now, with so many incredible places around the world, it would be a shame to miss out on seeing them. Just make sure to travel in as eco-friendly a way as you can.

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