The Hickories, a CSA in Ridgefield, CT

I was so glad to discover The Hickories in nearby Ridgefield, CT. The Hickories follow the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, but since there’s a waiting list to join, we checked out their produce stand instead.

We were looking forward to their honor system in paying for produce, but was disappointed when we saw that produce was already priced per pound. There was an explanation why that happened – people weren’t paying a fair amount. So we got (sort of) burned by other people’s behavior. Oh well.

Anyway, we ended up with bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. All three were nothing like those I’ve seen in the grocery store we usually go to. The cucumbers were particularly hefty. The potatoes were dug up that morning and it looked like it too.

Next weekend, we’ll check out a different farm in a different town. Just our way of supporting local farmers.

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