The greening of corporate kitchens

And we don’t mean kitchen as an obtuse term for some other business practice. We mean kitchen as in the food preparation area. It looks like companies all around have turned their attention to their kitchens and cafeterias in an effort to be more environmentally friendly all around.

With their broilers, fryers, refrigerators and ovens, kitchens use five times more energy than any other part of a typical corporate campus except data centers, yet they’re frequently the last on the list when companies “go green.”

Companies like Yahoo! and Google have started composting leftovers and discouraging the use of disposable utensils, and more steps towards greener kitchens are on the horizon. There are also plans to develop energy-efficient appliances, and even the food items are being scrutinized.

Companies are scrambling to do the clean, green thing lately and a lot of them have had success with using renewable energy, LEED certification, teleconferencing, carpooling, and now with their kitchens, among others. I wonder what’s next on the list?

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