The Green Bag Project

SM and Unilever Philippines have teamed up for the Green Bag Project! It’s a very promising development, given that Unilever is big on corporate social responsibility and SM…well, I’ve always been very outspoken about the way they shamelessly take over each and every patch of land they can find, creating a consumerist culture, using resources, and compounding the pollution problem with the way people flock to any of their establishments.

The GreenBag is the first of its kind reusable shopping bag made from durable non-woven fabric that can last for approximately two years’ trip of weekly trip to the grocery. This is in response to the country’s solid waste issue, which the joint project hopes to address positively to change the Filipino’s consumption practices.

I don’t shop at SM supermarkets myself. The nearest SM mall is a quick 10- or 15-minute drive away–and a 30-minute walk, I’ve found–but it’s hellish to battle the traffic jam going in there, and equally terrible finding parking space. Time to write to our favorite supermarket and tell them to take a leaf out of SM and Unilever’s book.

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