The Daylight lamp

Can you blame me for falling in love with this one? Rebecca Potger has designed the Daylight lamp, which, much like my beloved Sun Jar, gathers daylight by day. All you have to do is put it outdoors and leave it upside down, letting the solar panels gather power. At night, bring it in, put it the right side up, and let it light up your home.

Bloom presents an ingenious “table lamp” which runs on solar energy for inside and outside use. During the day it’s design refers to a plant in a pot. Just like plants do, it turns light into energy photosynthesis with the help of a solar panel. In the evening when you turn it over 180degrees, it becomes a lamp. Giving you back the collected daylight.

It will make a pretty little addition to your home, plus the design isn’t outlandish at all and will fit right in with any of your home decorations.

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