The best news: A treehouse for grown-ups!

When I was young, a mango tree was planted in our backyard. I envisioned its branches playing host to a really cool treehouse, but of course, by the time the tree was big enough to carry a treehouse, I was already too old for one.

But then again, is anyone really too old for a treehouse? Apparently not. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and MIT have developed a treehouse that provides plenty of shade, processes waste, and helps reduce carbon emissions.

The extraordinary structure is build from actual tree roots that are grown to be mallable and then hardened into a structure like steel girders. The houses can be equipped with solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity and even convert human waste into valuable nutrient for the living tree.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? The eco-treehouse probably isn’t meant for us regular people, though; at the moment, it’s much too expensive to construct.

Photo: UK Telegraph

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