The 100-day shirt

In April, a project called “Wool&Prince: The Better Button-Down. Guaranteed.” kicked off on Kickstarter. The project, the brainchild of Mac Bishop, promised “A wool shirt worn for 100 days straight. No washing. No dry cleaning. No wrinkles. No odor.” The campaign is supposed to end on May 22, but the money it has earned has gone far and beyond its initial goal; right now, it sits at more than $300,000. Bishop launched the 100-day challenge in which he wore the shirt for, well, 100 days; the challenge ended in February and he reported that “The shirt stood up to everything I threw at it—whether it was a five mile run or 72 straight hours of wear during Hurricane Sandy.”

That certainly sounds intriguing–imagine how awesomely convenient it would be if none of us had to wash, say, our jeans, office clothes, and even workout clothes and bras as frequently as we do now. We would save a bunch on laundry, not to mention water.

Read more about the shirt and the project at Wool&Prince.

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