That fast food habit

USA is fast food nation. It’s cheap and fast. It’s for people in a hurry. At the same time, fast food packaging contributes to waste. My suggestion?

Pack your own lunch. You save money, plus you even eat healthy (unless you pack unhealthy stuff, of course). My husband and I pack our lunches. Just read this entry I found while surfing the internet.

If eating in a fast food joint is unavoidable, you can still do something.

1. Use condiments and paper napkins sparingly. Don’t grab a whole bunch of little condiment packets and paper napkins, and then dump the excess in the trash. Instead, return the excess where you got them.

2. Limit straw use. Do you really need to use that straw at all?

3. Request for your food to fit in one paper bag. Within reason, of course. Ever went to a fast food place that was just wasteful with their paper bag use?

4. Avoid drive-throughs. Especially if there’s a long line. Park your car and order inside instead. Sometimes it’s actually faster.

5. Craving coffee? Bring your own coffee flask. Some coffee shops actually let you use your own flask. Take advantage of this. That way, you’re not wasting paper and styrofoam cups.

If the fast food chain you go to has a good recycling program, leave a comment in their suggestion box to let them know it’s a good idea. That way, they’ll keep up the good work.

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