Take the train to your holiday getaway

So trains are the new planes, eh? Elsewhere in the world, people are looking beyond air travel and seeing the attraction of trains as the way to take them to their holiday destinations.

It seems that trains are all the rage this year, with many travellers shunning airports and heading to the ‘gare’ to begin their journey instead.

Cutting down on flights will reduce your carbon footprint, and many experts claim that taking the train actually reduces your stress levels.

Ah, I just can’t help but gripe about how easy it is for non-archipelagoes to set up mass transit systems that will allow people to easily access different parts of their country. Over here, the easiest way to hop islands is to fly to them or travel by water; the former produces quite a lot of carbon emissions, the latter is extremely slow. One wonders what could be a fast, yet eco-friendly option.

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