Suiting up for work? Lessen dry cleaning

I used to work in an office where I had to wear suits. Not only was it a nuisance having to constantly drop it off at the dry cleaners, turns out it was also not environment-friendly. So much for dressing for success.

What are your options in lieu of dry cleaning?

The Grinning Planet recommends wet cleaning, but I haven’t found places in our area that actually do wet cleaning. You can also consider steam cleaning, hand washing and professional ironing. Thankfully, a lot of companies are making it easy to find machine washable clothes in their websites. In some of them, you search by simply typing in “machine washable”.

Check garment labels when buying new clothes. The labels are there for a reason. You can see which clothes require dry cleaning and which doesn’t. Speaking of labels, if you want to go the extra mile, there are also garment labels made of environment-friendly products that are toxic-free and biodisintegrative.

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