Start a green food company!

If you’re planning to venture into the food business, you might want to take a look at these ideas for a green cuisine business from Small Business Trends and try to figure out a good answer to the question, “How do you think you can mix food and beverage business ideas with green-friendly objectives?”

I’m not a business-minded person in any way, but if I had to start my own food business, I would make sure that the ingredients are locally produced, that vegetables are pesticide-free, and that the meats come from cruelty-free farms. As for the restaurant itself, the equipment to be used should be energy-efficient, the establishment must use energy-efficient fixtures and be constructed using environmentally friendly materials, have an evaporative cooling system, and practice recycling. I would completely ban plastic and polystyrene packaging. Sounds like fun, actually. I’d love to help out a would-be restaurateur with his/her business!

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