Sony releases a green Blu-Ray player

Blu-Ray may be poised to kick DVD to the curb and cause all of us to groan in frustration over our DVDs and DVD players that are about to be obsolete and destined to be consigned to landfills in the future, but Sony is trying to soften the blow by coming out with the BDP-S350. Okay, so maybe eco-friendliness is not necessarily at the top of the list of reasons why this Blu-Ray player is being released. According to Gadgetell,

Sony has reduced the overall unit size of the player by 55 percent, reduced the packing material by 52 percent and reduced its total weight by 38 percent.

Energy consumption is also said to be lower on this particular model. I suppose if you’re going to have to switch to Blu-Ray, this may be the player to get.

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