The folks over at Life Goggles wrote a review on Stubby Pencil Studio. What caught my eye were the Smencils.

According to Stubby Pencil Studio’s website, Smencils are:

“Gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers. Each Smencil comes packaged in its own (recyclable) Freshness Tube. Made from recycled newspaper wrapped around #2 graphite and soaked in environmentally-friendly fragrance liquids, Smencils not only smell great they’re also great for the planet. Perfect for adults and kids alike – they sharpen just like a regular wood pencil!”

I have to admit, the gourmet scents pique my curiosity. Plus the fact that they’re made from newspapers. Imagine pencils with scents like Cotton Candy, Tropical Blast, Cherry, Watermelon, Root Beer, Orange, Chocolate, Bubble Gum, Very Berry, and Grape. I should get two sets of five to try them out! Then again, I’m not exactly a big pencil user, so that might be a waste. Nevertheless, if you are, do try them out and let me know.

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