SmartBikes by Hummer Philippines

I’ve been seeing a poster of SmartBikes somewhere along Quezon Avenue for a while now and I just checked out their website last week. Haven’t had time yet to stop by their showroom yet, but I can squeeze in some time next week.

I did a double-take when I saw that the electric bikes were being manufactured by Hummer Philippines and wondered whether Hummer’s doing a complete makeover of their products by starting in a developing nation. Turns out that they’re not affiliated, hah.

Anyway, the electric bikes look really good and I’ve already seen someone tooling around the neighborhood on the company’s SCOOTBike. I hope they’re looking for more ways to be green than charging from the grid and using lead acid batteries.

Of course, I have to wonder how viable electric vehicles in general are in this country, what with power outages especially during typhoon season. I say green vehicle manufacturers in the Philippines should also look into other eco-friendly options to power their products.

Image from the Hummer Philippines website

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