SM Hypermarket

Yesterday, my mother and I decided to take a look at the nearest SM Hypermarket, where I finally saw the reusable bags they offer. It would have been nice to get one, except it would seem that they require customers to first purchase PhP500 worth of Unilever products before being able to avail of one bag. I didn’t think it prudent to buy stuff I don’t need just for the sake of the bag, and in the first place, we don’t really shop at SM Hypermarket 😀 You might say I could use the bag in other supermarkets, but reusable bags haven’t really caught on in smaller ones. And apparently, neither have they gained much of a following in SM Hypermarket. Many of the people were still using plastic bags, ones which proudly declare themselves recyclable. Now if they were indeed made of eco-friendly materials, I’d be highly impressed.

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