Shower with less water

I want to make our home energy-efficient and sustainable. I realize it takes baby steps to get there, so we started with a simple but highly effective step – changing to a low-flow shower head (KOHLER Mastershower® Invigorating Three-way Showerhead, Polished Chrome ($61.09 + shipping)). I got it from the Home Depot website. I tell you, it works great!

A friend told me that low-flow shower heads are terrible to use. Only goes to show you that he hasn’t tried the current models. You can’t tell that it’s low-flow, really.

You can get low flow shower heads in 2.0 gallon per minute (gpm) or 1.5 gpm flow rates. Don’t go below 1.5 gpm though! It might not provide the pressure you’re used to since standard shower heads provide 2.5gpm.

Shower head image taken from the Home Depot website

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